...neque Quīntus mālum habet...

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    Salvēte, dēnuo!

    In capitulī septimī in 'Lingua Latīna' legimus:

    Iam Marcus mālum habet, neque Quīntus mālum habet.

    I'm surprised by the use of neque in this example since there is no other negation in the sentence. Neque seems to mean 'but' here. Is that possible or is there something I'm not catching?

    Thanks so much for any help! ;)
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  3. "neque" is a contration of "non/ne + quoque" meaning litterally "not +also" .
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    Pace rogermue, the basic meaning doesn't apply here, following an affirmative sentence. If it did, which it doesn't, it wouldn't be not also but also not (= not either).
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