nerenin vs. neyin

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I'd like to know if there's a difference between "neyin" and "nerenin".
Bu, neyin anahtarı?
Bu, nerenin anahtarı?

I think we can asnwer the questions with "Bu odanın anahtarı" in both cases. Am I right?
What's the difference between the two question words then?

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    The difference is that, if someone asks Bu neyin anahtarı?, they have no idea what sort of lock the key opens. Maybe it's a door, maybe it's a box. If they ask "bu nerenin anahtarı?", they think it's a door key. It gives access to a location, rather than opening a lockedbox.

    Nickle Sydney

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    Think of it like:
    Bu nerenin anahtarı? = Which location is this the key for?

    Bu neyin anahtarı? = what (thing) is this the key for?

    I'll keep that in mind. Thank you for summarizing it. The problem is this is something new to me. I've not come across something like this before when learning other languages. But that's the beauty of Türkçe, I guess :)
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