nerves like yours were not made for rough handling


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The quotation comes from Jane Eyre Chapter 25

Quotation: "Now, sir, tell me who and what that woman was?” (said Jane)

“The creature of an over-stimulated brain; that is certain. I must be careful of you, my treasure: nerves like yours were not made for rough handling.”

“Sir, depend on it, my nerves were not in fault; the thing was real: the transaction actually took place.”

Context: Jane told Mr. R the most dreadful thing that occurred last night: A vampire-like women sheathed into her chamber. She first tore Jane's wedding-dress, and then glared at Jane, her flaming and ghastly face terrifying Jane into unconsciousness.
Hi everyone! I don't understand the bold sentence. What does it mean? :confused:
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    Mr Rochester feels that Jane's nerves have been severely strained by what she has seen; he wants to protect her and so implies that her nerves shouldn't be tested by such awful sights - she is a 'delicate female' - Victorian writers were fond of portraying their heroines as being delicate.
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