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I've a problem in finding the most appropriate words to answer to a person in a formal but somewhat friendly way.
He told me he is terribly sorry for the inconvenience he caused to me, and I would like to answer that he must not worry because he didn't cause to me any trouble.
The Italian for this sentence is: "Nessun Disturbo", but I do not know how to express this in English....

Could you help me?
  • Gianfry

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    Forse dovresti postarci la frase scritta da questa persona, perché molto spesso la risposta dipende strettamente dalle parole usate dal nostro interlocutore.


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    They way you have put it in English is very good. I would probably say something like, "Please don't worry. There was no inconvenience and you caused me no trouble at all."


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    American English
    Not to worry,
    It was no bother,
    It was nothing,
    No bother at all,
    and many more.


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    @ Gianfry: la frase che questa persona mi ha detto è:
    "I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience caused".

    @ querceus: Thank you! It sounds great.

    @ SPQR and Charles Costante: Thank you for all your suggestions, they are really useful!

    Grazie mille a tutti!
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