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Me encuentro con este término en el siguiente contexto:

Many businesses have been able to participate in the Internet drivers seeking to introduce net new capabilities that outperform competitors’ services and products. However, as the Second Wave reaches maturity, a point in time when many business have achieved capabilities in commerce, content, mobile and analytics – businesses have also become carefully orchestrated and efficient operators of these capabilities. Entire business units, groups and teams – even C-level positions – have been created to standardize, manage risk, and deliver on these capabilities.

¿Sería "capacidades completamente nuevas"?

Aguardo su ayuda.

Desde ya, muchas gracias.
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    This is unnecessarily complicated "management speak" English.
    I think there is a misprint here - your bold text should be "new net capabilities" (new internet capabilities). Otherwise it does not make sense.


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    Thank you. I found the term "net new" in many sites though.

    I found this:

    net new

    what is new if you don’t count what was already there or done before.
    what is the net new for this version of your software?
    very new, as if it just appeared on the internet.
    this game is net new–you might be the first one to play it.


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    yo también he visto net new

    nuevo neto

    por ejemplo:
    Net new savings Definition
    New savings deposits received by a thrift institution less withdrawals; does not include interest credited.

    ora que no lo había visto con capabilities

    habría que validar cómo lo están traduciendo cuando no es algo financiero


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    While it is unnecessarily jargony business terminology, the term "net new" is correctly used here.

    It probably refers to capabilities which are not only new, but that also are substantive. Perhaps it is trying to exclude old capabilities that have merely been updated, or new capabilities that do not have a significant impact on the services offered.
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