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The quotation comes from

Quotation: The Clinton camp believes that Mr. Trump is most insecure about his intelligence, his net worth and his image as a successful businessman, and those are the areas they are working with Mrs. Clinton to target.

Mr. Schwartz, in an interview, declined to comment about any conversations with the Clinton campaign, but he said Mr. Trump would be vulnerable if Mrs. Clinton proved to be calm, deliberate and relentless in attacking Mr. Trump’s character, volatility and readiness to be commander in chief.
Hi everyone! I don't quite understand "net worth" here. Does it mean "the difference value between his advantage/strength/etc. and his disadvantage/weakness/etc."?
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    Net worth is the total value of everything you own (cash, stocks, bonds, failing Atlantic City casinos, horrible toupees), minus what you owe (mortgages, personal loans, money you're supposed to pay contractors).