Neurosurgery Vs. brain surgery vs. cerebral surgery


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The doctor said he needs 'Neurosurgery' or 'brain surgery' or 'cerebral surgery' because a serious brain injury caused by an accident.

Are they all correct? If so, which one is most common in colloquial English? Thank you!
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    I've never heard the term cerebral surgery. Isn't all surgery cerebral?;)

    I'd say brain surgery is more common than neurosurgery. I've only heard neurosurgery used in the context of describing a surgeon's or a hospital's specialty, not in a sentence like yours.

    Edit: Just googled cerebral surgery and found it is used quite a bit.
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    Certainly neurosurgery and brain surgery mean different things. Neurosurgery doesn't only involve the brain, it applies to the body's nervous system overall. I suspect brain surgery and cerebral surgery are synonyms.
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