'never' with cont. tense

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    Your examples don't work for me. Here are two special uses of never with the continuous tense:

    1) He's never going to admit that he was wrong. (=I would be very surprised if he admitted that. The same as He will never admit this.)

    2) She's never wearing a purple dress! (expresses surprise or disbelief when commenting on what someone is wearing, e.g. on TV. It means I don't believe it!)


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    You can't use it in your two sentences. It doesn't simply replace not, it is infinite - not ever again.

    You say 'I'm not saying you are an idiot.' Referring to what you are (not) doing right now.

    You could say 'I'm never saying you are an idiot ever again.' Meaning, I've said you are an idiot in the past but I will not say it ever again in the future.
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