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    Here's word that I couldn't find in any dictionary. Any thoughts?

    Context: A Ottoman official talking to a Mufti.

    Herkes Cenabı Hak'tan bir takım şeyler niyaz eder, ellerini gökyüzüne kaldırıp hararetle dua eder, lâkin böyle bir hareket, bir hâkimden iltimas taleb etmek nevinden bir davranış değil mi?

    My try:

    Everybody makes all kinds of supplications to God, with their hands raised to the sky praying fervently, but isn't such an action, asking for a favor from a judge [presumtuous/unfitting/unjust???] behavior?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Fenomenon New Member

    I don't know the meaning of nevi (or nevin)
    we dont use it now but we use "bir nevi" and it means "kind of" "sort of" etc
    so in my opinion it means "in same way/manner" or something like that
    it might say "praying to God is nothing but to want unfair favor from a judge"
    and by the way your translation is true :) (only in the first part "bir takım şeyler" means "some kinds" not "all kinds")
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    Thanks for the imput! Perhaps in that sense it can be more loosely translated as "isn't that just the same thing as [asking for favors for a judge]".
  4. shafaq Senior Member

    This is good. Along with that; this way also may be preferred.
    nev' = sort, kind, type, manner (Arabic origin)

    nevinden= from the type of ...
  5. EthanThorn Member

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    Right, and that would be referring directly to "iltimas taleb etmek". Now the sentence is clearer, thanks.

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