New Subcontractor Comes after?the Manufacturer

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Please advise, what is the correct preposition in the title?

There is Volkswagen automobile producer in Slovakia which various subcontractors. A new one is coming because it won the contract with VW.



New Subcontractor Comes after VW in Slovakia
In the industrial park Eurovalley in Malacky, Western Slovakia, Ideal Automotive, a German producer of components, is starting the production in its first Slovak plant. The company won the supplier contract for Volkswagen in Bratislava. The new investor will create 200 new vacancies for the region.
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    "Comes after" sounds as though the subcontractor wants to sue VW for something. I suggest that you rewrite this title. Something like this would be clearer: VW Gets New Subcontractor in Slovakia

    If you want to highlight the Subcontractor rather than VW, you might try something like this: Local Manufacturer Wins VW Contract
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