new territories should be found and unprecedented solutions be found

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I don't feel comfortable with the grammatical structure of this sentence, particularly with two relative clauses imbedded within the same sentece. Does it sound OK to you or could it be improved?

They called into question the definition of unity within the Church and stressed the importance of periods of “social dissent”, in which new territories should be explored and unprecedented solutions be found.

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    We can't do general proofreading or editing, Gonzalo. If that is what you are seeking with this question, I can't help you. I can tell you that I see no problem with the sentence as it is written.

    If you have a specific language question, that's a good time to post something in here. If you merely want somebody's opinion about whether your sentence is good or not, we really aren't supposed to do that.


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    Omit the second 'be'. Then the shared auxiliaries are only said once ('should be'). This coordination with omission of the shared verbs is quite normal and sounds right.
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