New Year Greetings

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The Asian new year_ is coming on February 18th
And I would know how to wish it.
I don't know about the sentence is used ?
("Happy new year" or "Lucky new year" or something else !?)

Could you write me in Japanese and romanji and explain the meaning of the sentence ?

Thank You.
  • Flaminius

    coclea mod
    日本語 / japāniski / יפנית
    The Japanese new year was moved to the Gregorian January the first when the calendar was adopted some hundred years ago. There are villages and families celebrating the new year according to the older calendar but the public scarcely recognise the old new year as "the celebration day."

    Regardless of when to celebrate, the most typical celebration phrase is:
    akemashite omedetō gozaimasu.
    Celebration for (the new year's) having broken.

    Cf. a previous thread here.


    I agree with Flaminius.

    We used to celebrate the Chinese New Year long time ago, but we do not
    have it anymore in many places.

    We call the 18th Feburary New Year as 旧正月(kyushougatu).

    Most of Japanese should know the Chinese New Year, so its fine to say
    Happy New Year if you send a card on 19th Feb.
    My Chinese friends often send me a card saying "happy chinese new yaer".
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