Newly-wed home child death by fire


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Hi, everyone. Is this sentence, double entendre?

Newly-wed home child death by fire.
(I went a poetry show the other day, and one of the poet over there said this sentence as a six-word novel. I don't know his name but he was a native English speaker.)

I think this sentence has a double meaning, but I am not sure. Do you guys agree?

1) There was a fire in a newly-wed home and their child was dead.

2)Newly-wed couple had very hot sex.

Thanks in advance.
  • PaulQ

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    I would understand it as 1. There was a fire in the home of a newly-wed couple and, as a result, their child was dead.

    Can you explain how 2. is possible?:confused:


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    Thanks PaulQ and ain'ttranslationfun?

    Because "child" or "son" is a slang word for genitals in Japanese, I interpreted "child death by fire" as "their genitals are energetic like a fire", but after I read you guys replies, I googled and found out "child" or "son" is not a slang word for genitals in English.:p
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