Newspaper Volume or Newspaper Size?

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What word should I use to denote the total number of pages (or literally translating from Russian "printing area") in a newspaper?
For example: "From now on, more and more of newspaper volume (size?) was covered with the rubrics as The Chronicle”, “Recent War News”, “The Great War of Nations” etc."
Thanks to all in advance :)
  • The Newt

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    You could say something like "From that point on, more and more of the print area of the newspaper was covered by the rubrics..."

    Volume and size won't work here.


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    I don’t think we’d say it like that at all. And it’s not clear whether you’re talking about a particular newspaper or (as I’ve assumed) the press in general.

    More and more press coverage was of [whatever subject matter]. (NB: Here coverage means subjects covered/reported on.)

    More and more newspaper content appeared under headings like “Recent War News”, etc.​
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