next next week? last last month?


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Hello everyone,

I was wondering how to express "next next week" and "last last summer" in english. I know you guys don't say "next next" or "last last".

Is "next next week" = "the week after next week", "last last summer" = "the summer before last summer"?

Is there any other expressions?

Thanks so much
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    American English
    Next week.
    The week after next.

    Last summer.
    The summer before last.

    I would have thought this would have been covered, but the only previous threads I found were very sparse.


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    Français (CH), AE (California)
    In chronological order:

    The week before last
    Last week
    This week
    Next week
    The week after next

    The same would apply with month and year

    Next next and last last would not make sense in English.


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    I guess these two are applicable as well.
    The week after the next week.
    The week before the last week.

    Could you please confirm me?