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    next (verb)

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    to reject a current social or romantic partner in order to seek a more appealing one.

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    He didn't know whether she was playing hard to get or nexting him.
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    Wiki description of Next (TV series, 2005-2008)
    At any point during the date – usually when things started to become boring, unpleasant, or the dater simply has an attribute the contestant did not like – the contestant could shout "Next!" to the dater and the dater was eliminated, receiving US$1 for every minute they lasted (rounded up).
    [....] The date ended when all dates had been nexted or when a dater was given the choice between the money or a second date.
    It was not uncommon for the contestant to next a dater at first sight.
    Guy makes plans with girl. Girl flakes. Guy considers girl untrustable and dumb (she can't even figure out how to work a planner). Guy nexts her. Girl thinks guy is a wuss for giving up so easy. Girl nexts him.
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    "Why Women Struggle With NEXTING a Relationship"
    Why do women have such a hard time moving on from a man and a relationship that they KNOW is no good for them? (Nov 15,2009)
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