Neyin var?

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    A: Neyin var?
    B: Hastayım.

    My questions:

    1-What is the literal meaning of this question (if there is an obvious one)? Does it mean "what have you got"?
    2-Does the ending -in in niyin mean "your"? Is it the genitive ending (as in evin anahtarı)? Or is it an ending without obvious meaning?
    3-Is this question used only for questions about personal health? Or can it also mean "what have you got" in general?
  2. ancalimon Senior Member

    1) It literally means you have "what"? ~ roughly what have you got?. When we are asking the question "you have what?", the object of the word is "what"

    In the example you gave, the man is probably asking the question "what ails you?"

    2) Yes it means "your". But it's not genitive. The -in in neyin is the same as the -ı in anahtarı

    See following examples: "Senin neyin var", "Onun nesi var", "Sizin neyiniz var"

    3) We can use it both for asking about health and possession of some object.
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    Teşekkür ederim!

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