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Hi everyone, I am translating the user manual for a hybrid power system and I found the acronym NFB. I found two possible meanings for this, can someone help me choose the right one?

NFB = No-Fuse Circuit Breaker
NFB = Negative Feeder Booster

The sentence is 3. Turn on NFB of “BATTERY” – See the Label of “BATTERY” (there are different NFBs, battery, PV power, wind power, all with the same sentence)

It thought it was No-Fuse Circuit Breaker, but then it seemed strange to turn on a circuit breaker :confused:

Thanks for your help
  • I've looked and looked, and even found a document (from China) which uses it as a breaker between the battery and the system.

    The same as you, I have the problem of "turn on" for a circuit breaker, but it would be OK, if it was the initial installation process.

    There are only 8 Google hits for Negative Feeder Booster, so I don't think I'd vote for it.
    The "interruttore" sounds the most logical to me.
    Thanks a lot Tim, you're very helpful as usual! I think I will use "interruttore automatico".

    UPDATE: I have just been told that NFB is a technical acronym for No Feedback. So everything I thought was wrong :p

    However thanks again Tim and Paul!
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