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  1. shimon Senior Member

    Hello friends. I don't understand the word "non" in this sentence: Ni hyaku nen mae non koto desu My translation could be: "It's something that happened 200 years ago", but I'd expect there to be ni instead of non. Any suggestions?
    Thank you​
  2. matsuyama Member

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    The particle Non does not exist in Japanese. Therefore I think you mean. Ni hyaku nen (200 years) mae (ago) NO (particle used to link two nouns or two nominal groups) koto desu.
    (It happened 200 years ago). In this case you only can use NO, you cannot use Ni directly with Desu (which is not really a verb, grammatically speaking). So, if you want to use NI you have to change the verb. For example Ni hyaku nen mae ni arimashita or ni hyaku nen mae ni okonawaremashita. (It was 200 years ago or it took place 200 years ago).

    Just need some Native speaker to confirm.

    Hope it helps.
  3. shimon Senior Member

    merci bien mon ami, a bientōt!
  4. frequency

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    Yes good:thumbsup: Ni hyaku nen mae ni atta koto desu is OK too.

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