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    I know that "ni...ni" means "neither...nor" but are there instances in which you would just use one "ni"? In my grammar book, it says that "ni" means "nor" and "ni...ni" means "neither/nor." But aren't "neither/nor" usually used together, or no?

    Thank you!
  2. Mr. Cococat Senior Member

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    There are many examples of that, usually related to expressions. For instance:

    ¡Ni se te ocurra hacer eso!
    ¡Ni siquiera lo intentes!

    On the other hand, I don't know if is grammaticaly correct, but at least in Chile, isn't necessary put the first "ni". For example:

    Esa mujer no es linda ni simpática or Esa mujer no es ni linda ni simpática.

    In my opinion, both are correct and the people will understand you.

  3. blasita

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    And for example, when you have some negative sentences together and the same subject, you can omit the middle 'ni' in the middle; e.g. 'Nadie habló, gritó ni protestó'.

    Espanol, you could give us a sentence and we can try to help you further if you still need it.

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  4. jmx

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    "Ni" can also mean 'not even'. Example:

    No hay ni un cliente. (There isn't even one customer, There's not a single customer, ...)

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