ni yi wei ni shi shui (你以为你是谁)


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[ni yi wei ni shi shui = 你 一 位 你 是 谁?] I am not sure of 一 because I've read this title of a novel in pinyin : wei ? Please correct me if I am wrong. By the by I am also wondering what is the real meaning of ni yi wei .

Thanks for your help.
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    I understand why my question was confusing, SuperXW. The characters 一 位 were wrong and didn't make sense to the sentence ; sorry for the mistake. With 以为 it's perfectly clear and the sentence matches the translation I've read in French. Thanks so much.


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    I am a English-learner and I understand the meaning of “你以为”.but I am not sure whether I can express it clearly,but I'll try.
    skatinginbc is means "Who do you think you are?" (Are you my parents or my boss or my boyfriend or ect ? so you can ……)
    If someone says these words very angry to you (你以为你是谁!) ,it means "the things you have done (or will do )made(or will make) me angry,you have no right to …….For exhusband come to his exwife's house and ask whehter he can stay one night.the exwife can say"你以为你是谁!" that means no.
    but you can also say these words in a very gentle way(你以为你是谁呢?),which may suggest an answer of yes.For instance,a man said to a women "Can I ask you out?" the women answered genttlly "你以为你是谁呢?" as the tone is very gentle,the answer is already yes.the man can answer"我是那个那个呀" (I am that that one!) Chinese humourous,I don't know whether you can get it.
    "以为"means “think or consider”,as there is no past tense and future tense in Chinese grammar. it also has the meaning of "thought and will think".maybe this is why you find it difficult to understand.
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