'nibbles' ... lying around the house [at Christmas]

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I'm reading 'Bittersweet', a memoir written by Matt McAllester.

What is this 'nibbles' here?

<I made lists on blank sheets of paper before Christmas. Lists of family recipes,
ingredients I would have to find, nibbles I would leave lying around the house as they used to be every Chistmas in our house.>

I've looked up the dic. It says 'nibble' is small bite.

What are these 'nibbles' are here?

I leave them lying around the house.
And they used to be very Chistmas in our house.

What is this???
  • tepatria

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    He is referring to small treats like candy and cookies one leaves out over the holiday season for people to nibble on. In our house, nuts still in their shells are left in bowls in the living room, den and family room. It is the only time of year we do this and they are considered to be special treat - or nibbles.
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