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Discussion in 'English Only' started by nazimou11, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. nazimou11 Senior Member

    arabic, french
    I noticed that native speakers use the word nice a lot when they describe something they like, but they do not mean beautiful . For example, this chicken is nice and crispy from the outside and nice and tender from the inside. Why do you use " nice" a lot and what do you really mean by nice in this contxt? Thank you for your resonses.
  2. EnriqueChupacabras Member

    "Nice and" indicates that the speaker favors those qualities. In the example you gave, the words "tender" and "juicy" already have a positive connotation and the "nice and" serves as an emphasis.

    But in other cases, you might not know that the speaker considers the quality a positive one, and the "nice and" is needed to make that clear. For example, today someone described her weekend to me as "nice and boring." Since boring of course is normally seen as negative, she needed to add "nice and" to indicate that she was thankful she didn't have too much excitement.
  3. nazimou11 Senior Member

    arabic, french
    EnriqueChupacabras you explained it very well thank you very much.

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