nice ass?

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by sprutt, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. sprutt New Member

    how would i convert nice ass to italian?

    i'm not trying to be ignorant, i mean it as a compliment to a model
  2. danalto

    danalto Senior Member

    Roma, Italia, Europa
    Italy - Italian
    "nice ass" is not at all a polite way to tell her she has a nice back!
    According to me just "talking" about "ass" could be in a certain way...vulgar.
    So, maybe more context could be helpful. ;)
  3. AlxGrim

    AlxGrim Senior Member

    Roma, Italy
    Italy, Italian
    Literally, "nice ass" is "bel :warn:culo:warn: ", which is definitely vulgar. In any case, talking about someone's... ehm... back bottom... is never considered polite. A less violent approach can be "bel fondoschiena", or "bel didietro". But.. can't you find any other way to express your appreciation? :D
  4. uinni

    uinni Senior Member

    Italy, Italian
    "Bel sedere" is also used.

    Anyway, IMO, "bel culo" is not that coarse...

  5. Don Zauker Senior Member

    You may say:
    "Potresti fare la modella di una statua alla Venere Callipigia"

    Callipigia is an ancient adjective meaning nice ass.:thumbsup:
  6. uinni

    uinni Senior Member

    Italy, Italian
    But few people will understand this (nice and complete) word...

  7. Silvia

    Silvia Senior Member

    Indeed, we can't know the extent of this model's culture... but it was good to know we have some creative people around here :D

    Sprutt, so let me get this straight, if I start going around saying "nice ass!", will people appreciate my compliment?
  8. Little One Senior Member

    England. English
    I misunderstood. I thought nice ass meant un bell'asino. :D
  9. Don Zauker Senior Member

    This was intended...;) :D

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