nice buttons = lewd remark?

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The investigation into his conduct began after a complaint from a woman employee at Wiltshire Police.
Among the claims were allegations that Mr Ainsworth looked at a woman wearing a tailored blouse and remarked ‘nice buttons’.
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This is an snippet of a report from the Daily Mail, which said Ainsworth, a senior police office hung himself because he was suspended from his job due to he said bawdy remarks to female colleagues of his.

I don't understand 'nice buttons' sounds lewd in this context. Is it a typo for bottoms?

Thank you!
  • Sharifa345

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    No, "nice buttons" is probably correct, but it sounds lewd because it's a really odd thing to comment on. For me, It's pretty much equivalent to saying "I'm looking at your breasts and commenting on something else."

    I think it's like looking at a man's penis when he's wearing jeans and saying "nice zipper."
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