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  1. Gianne Member

    What are some of the nice ways to sign off letters in french workplace - not too informal but not business formal either. Est-ce qu'on utilise 'cordialement' le plus fréquent?
  2. frenchaudrey Senior Member

    French, France

    "Cordialement" est fréquent, vous pouvez aussi dire "salutations" :)
  3. I often use

    "Bien cordialement"

    More simply you have
    "A très bientôt"

    I think there are lots of others, I usually squeeze by with these for all but the most formal letters.
  4. mapping Senior Member

    Lille, France
    France, French
    Yes, Cordialement is standard and very frequent.
    I like Sincères salutations too (a bit more formal).
  5. hibouette Senior Member

    France and French
    Cordialement is commonly used
    Sometimes a simple "Merci d'avance"(Thank in advance) is used.
    You can also use "Sincères Salutations" (It's more formal..)

    The typical formal sentence is : Je vous prie d'agréer mes salutations les plus distinguées) ou "Veuillez agréer mes plus sincères salutations)
  6. Gianne Member

    Thanks so much!!
  7. texasweed

    texasweed Banned

    French-born/US English
    May I ask for some non-business-at-all ones? For friends. Polite but informal. Genre Bien à vous (but beyond this one I'm stuck!)
    Pretty please? :)
  8. pieanne

    pieanne Senior Member

    Nice Hinterland
    I often use "bien à vous" in casual business.
    As others mentioned, there is "à (très) bientôt (j'espère)", "(toutes mes) amitiés", "pensées amicales"...
  9. texasweed

    texasweed Banned

    French-born/US English
    Merci bien pieanne :) I need some moressss! ;)

    *** mentioned in the context of "not too informal but not business formal either" and I cannot tell which are business friendly versus plain friendly.
  10. hibouette Senior Member

    France and French
    For close friend:
    Bisous (i think it's te equivalent of "xo")
    A plus ! (see you!)

    Or others:
    A bientôt !
    Au plaisir de vous revoir (See you more formal) ou "Au plaisir de vous lire"
    En attendant impatiemment votre prochaine lettre (Waiting impatiently for your answer)
  11. sancicario New Member

  12. sancicario New Member

    Friends here in France use. 'Smacks' or 'BB á B' (bons baisers á bientôt) use seems to be for close friends or family.
    Enjoy !

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