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  1. Artrella Banned

    Hola Gente!! Necesito un listadito de palabras (piropos) para decirles a los hombres. Resulta que una vez dije "You are pretty" and the man said that the word "pretty" is not for men. Por favor, aclarar si es American or British English!!

    Gracias, besos, Art :)
  2. cristóbal Senior Member


    handsome (esta sirve bien, ya que no implica nada usado como sustantivo.)
    "hey, handsome, how are you?"

    Estos son más ... objectifying :)
    hot stuff

    ¿Qué es exactamente lo que quieres? no quiero darte palabras que tienen un sentido que no quieres.
  3. vic_us Banned

    Cristobal, I think it's a matter of connecting the dots. First, a thread on pick-up lines was created. Now Art is requesting this type of information. I think I know what Santa Art is up to... :)
  4. cristóbal Senior Member

    I was never very interested in connect-the-dots... Seemed tedious and unimaginative to me. :D
  5. Artrella Banned

    CRISTÓBAL :arrow: are these words... correct... I mean, can I tell a man "You are hot stuff" without giving him the idea of... well, you know... :eek:

    VIC US :arrow: Santa Art needs words... so why don't you give me some?? ;)
  6. vic_us Banned

    Che, la verdad es que no se otras. La lista de Cristobal me parece bastante exhaustiva. Creo que hay mas palabras bonitas para mujeres que para hombres. No te parece?
  7. VenusEnvy

    VenusEnvy Senior Member

    Maryland, USA
    English, United States
    "Handsome" and "Good-looking" are the two most non-sexualized ways to describe a man. :D :p :p

    Do people still say "Strapping"?
  8. jacinta Senior Member

    USA English

    I wouldn't say this to a man directly. I may say it to a boyfriend or in my case, my husband :) . You would talk about a man among your friends as being "hot stuff".

    I believe there is a thread on this already but I don't have time to search for it right now. I think it's in the English forum.
  9. Steve Member

    Ireland; English
    Hi there,
    In British English you could add :
    What a hunk:warn:
    or He's drop-dead gorgeous to your list... ;-) but the choice of word very much depends on the context.
    However good-looking is never wrong although handsome is maybe a bit passé:confused: ... Regards Steve
  10. Artrella Banned

    Thank you people!!! Now what about "dishy"? Is it vulgar? Or has it a sexual connotation or something I should know?

    Please when you post your answers could you indicate what kind of register has the word you suggest???

    Gracias! :)
  11. cristóbal Senior Member

    Pues, te puedo decir que nunca la he oído. :D
    Me parece que no es muy corriente en EEUU
  12. VenusEnvy

    VenusEnvy Senior Member

    Maryland, USA
    English, United States
    Art: "Dishy" isn't a word that I've heard, but it sounds catchy! I bet if you used it, it would catch on! :p
  13. Steve Member

    Ireland; English
    Hi again,

    Dishy or he's a dish is probably very British if VenusEnvy from Maryland hasn't heard it. It sounds a bit innocent or even naff to me; the register of celebrity magazines perhaps! Certainly not vulgar, with no sexual connotation.
    :warning: I'd be careful with hot stuff and really recommend good-looking, it can never be offensive and sounds a bit less formal than handsome.
  14. Artrella Banned


    Thank you Steve!!! So, can I say "you look very dishy today" without being impolite or something! Or this is only intended for somebody who is very close to you? Do women say this in Ireland?
    I am interested in knowing about usage.

    Thank you for your explanation!! Yes, the hot stuff thing, I figured out it's kind of sexy thing to say... :D

    Ah! Thanks a lot for a new word to me!! :arrow: Definition
    naff adjective UK SLANG
    not stylish or fashionable:
    His haircut was a bit naff. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  15. Steve Member

    Ireland; English
    I think you'd need to ask the women in Ireland; I have lived abroad most of my life. Anyway, I would be delighted to be described as dishy (though I'm sure a more honest description would be that I have a naff haircut;) ).
    BFN Steve
  16. cristóbal Senior Member

    Can't answer your question about dishy, but I can say that saying "You look handsome today" would be perfectly fine in the States, even though there's ALWAYS that slight chance he'll think you're hitting on him, since, after all, that's how we guys are. :D
  17. Senorita Veronica New Member

    Nice words you can use for guys is
    good looking , strong, built. just make sure you aren't telling this to a guy because they might think you like them and are gay it's a masculine thing
    need anything else write me !
  18. PaigeS Member

    English, US
    I've heard dishy, but it's more like something a girl would say to other girls about a guy, and not very often.
  19. COLsass

    COLsass Senior Member

    You certainly wouldn't want anyone thinking you're gay. The world might explode.

    If you want some more objectifying ones, remember food:
    Yummy, delicious, tasty
    Said to friends:
    I want a piece of that! Break me off a piece of that!

    Most of these words aren't said to el dicho hombre.
  20. Maeron Senior Member

    Mexico City
    Canada, English
    What could you say, then directly to a [straight] man?

    Looking OK.
    Looking good.
    Looking all right.
    Not bad.

    That's probably about the limit. Some of those might even be over the top, depending on the tone of voice and who's saying them.
  21. Kevyn_Arnold Senior Member

    You can say

    good looking ,
    I dont know if piece of art is ok,
    or you can simply say "you are a kevyn":)
  22. Moritzchen Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Spanish, USA
    Nunca oí dishy pero dish si. She´s a dish: está para comérsela.
  23. Maya2805 Member

    Toronto, Canada
    Polish, living in Canada
    I have never heard "dishy".
    "Handsome" sounds good, it is a very neutral one.
    You can say to someone with a wink "Hello handsome!" or "you look very handsome tonight" or you can describe a guy as "he is a very handsome man" or "he looks very handsome"

    "Gorgeous" is a word usually used to describe pretty women, but it can also be used to describe good looking man (like a model type)
    Like "This guy was GORGEOUS!!"

    You could use "Fine", meaning classy and sexy
  24. Maya2805 Member

    Toronto, Canada
    Polish, living in Canada
    Yeah, like "yummy" ;)
  25. COLsass

    COLsass Senior Member

    It's a work of art. That man is a work of art. That's very reverant though. If things like beefcake and delicious man are irreverant, than this is about all we have that reveres.

    Though I don't know which to label Kevyn. :)
  26. Mijo New Member

    "good looking"
    "very handsome"
    "fine" (ok but outdated, use "hot")
    And yes, "work of art" is ok.
  27. touir Member

    England English
    A very common one in England is "He is fit" (although "She is fit" works too).
    "Dishy" is used here, but (reading the above comments) it seems that it isn't in North America.
    Personally, I have always liked "studmuffin". :D
  28. mrbilal87

    mrbilal87 Senior Member

    English (NAmE)
    I've heard "dish" more often than I've heard "dishy," yet it sounds a bit risqué to me. (maybe it's just me)

    I'd say:

    You look handsome.
    You look good.
    You look nice.
  29. swift_precision Senior Member

    Fine is not outdated...just depends on who is saying it. You'll hear more black people saying "fine" to describe a good looking woman or man and you'll hear whites saying "hot" to describe the same thing. Everything is all relative. As for the other suggestions, if I ever heard a girl calling me or some other guy "studmuffin" I would probably faint due to lack of oxygen from laughing so hard.

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