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    well, I don't know if it's been discussed before( which it most probably has been), but I couldn't find the thread. So I had to ask it myself.
    What differences do you find in these two sentences?
    1. Ich spreche Russisch nicht.
    2. Ich spreche kein Russisch.
    Or, even these two:
    1. Ich habe keinen Hunger.
    2. Ich bin nicht Hungrig.
    How do you know how to make the sentence negative? What differences does it make if you make it negative with "nicht" in comparison with "kein"?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Well, they are synonymous but the first sentence negates the verb and the second the noun.

    Same here, number one negates the noun, number two the adjective.

    So we only use "kein", "keine", "keinen", etc. for nouns with no or an indefinite article.

    For more information have a look here:
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