Nie świeciłabym jak tylko dla ciebie

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  1. Lovelybeauty

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    Hi everybody,

    Could anyone please help me translate the sentences below from Chopin's song "The Wish" Op.74 no.1:

    "Nie świeciłabym jak tylko dla ciebie"


    The full lyric is:

    Gdybym ja była słoneczkiem na niebie,
    Nie świeciłabym jak tylko dla ciebie.
    Ani na wody, ani na lasy, ale po wszystkie
    Czasy pod twym okienkiem i tylko dla ciebie
    Gdybym w słoneczko mogła zmienić siebie.

    I tried to search, one translation is like "I wouldn't shine only for you", and another is like "I would shine all for you". Sorry I have no knowledge about Polish, so couldn't make an attempt.

    Many thanks
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  2. sufler Senior Member

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    "I wouldn't shine in any other way as only for you", so actually that's more complicated way to express "I would shine only for you".

    Btw, I knew the song never realizing the melody is one of Chopin's works ;)
  3. Thomas1

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    polszczyzna warszawska
    A more literal translation could be:
    I wouldn't shine except for you.
  4. Ben Jamin Senior Member

    Actually "jak" doesn't mean here "the way as", but is a part of "jak tylko dla ciebie" meaning "for anybody else than you". This construction, together with the conditional "nie świeciłabym" is rather obsolete, but should notwithstanding still be widely understood by Poles.
  5. Lovelybeauty

    Lovelybeauty Senior Member

    Many thanks to all, very helpful clarifications.

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