nie pal

Discussion in 'Polski (Polish)' started by luna m, May 27, 2009.

  1. luna m Member

    mexico spanish
    Hello again !! what is the meaning of this ?
    its a slang in polish?

    nie pal mark nie pal!

    pale jak chimney!!
  2. .Jordi. Senior Member

    Don't smoke, Mark, don't smoke.
    No fumes, Mark, no fumes.

    I smoke like a chimney!!
    Fumo como una chimenea!!
  3. fragile1

    fragile1 Senior Member

    Don't smoke, Mark, don't smoke!
    I smoke like a chimney!

    Palic jak komin - to smoke like a chimney
  4. luna m Member

    mexico spanish
    thanks to everyone!

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