niega envolvimiento de los esfinteres

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    Hello, I am translating a medical document and the phrasing used in the document describes some of the symptoms the patient has, but the doctor uses an unusual vocabulary word to describe areas the patient experiences pain, "envolvimiento".
    The full text is "(Sintoma Principal-) dolores y disestesias (calambres y hormigueos) en las regiones cervico dorso lumbar con irradiacion a hombros, caderas, brazos y piernas, siendo el brazo derecho y la pierna izquierda lo mas afectados. Niega envolvimiento de esfinteres".
    My translation is "Patient indicates that for approximately 10 years he has suffered fromprogressive pains and dysesthesia (cramps and formication) in the cervical dorsal lumbar regions withradiation to the shoulders, hips, arms and legs, the right arm and left legbeing the most affected. He denies encirclementof sphincters".
    What does "niega envolvimiento de esfinteres" mean contextually? I think I'm understanding this wrong...
    Thanks again!
  2. otrodoctor Member

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    Back-translating? "Sphincter involvement" could have been mistranslated as "envolvimiento de esfínteres" in the original... It helps to emphasize if there are any sphincter-related symptoms, hope it helps
  3. Ilialluna

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    Hola. Estoy de acuerdo con "involvement". El original no debería decir "envolvimiento", sino implicación o algo similar.
  4. sciencas Member

    Yes, "envolvimiento de esfinteres" was in the original Spanish document...would it then definitely be "sphincter involvement"? It wouldn't be "encirclement of sphincters", correct?
  5. otrodoctor Member

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    Correct. You're very welcome.
  6. Oceanest Senior Member

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    I'd say: 'sphincters not affected' and in Spanish: 'sin afectación de esfínteres'.


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