Night or day, we will make you sway

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  1. Elinnea Member

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    Hello, I'm translating a poster for a concert advertisement. The group's tagline is "Be it night or day, we will make you sway!"

    I'm trying to work this into a French equivalent, if possible keeping the rhyme. The two ideas I've thought of:

    "Jour et nuit, danse sur notre bruit!"

    or else

    "Nuit ou jour, du luth et du tambour!"

    Those are two instruments they actually play, so the second one is kind of appropriate. Both translations sound weak to me, although it's cheesy in English too so it might be okay. Does one sound better to a French ear, or is there any better alternative? I don't have much practice rhyming in French.
  2. jetset

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    I propose a mix of your two propositions :
    Dansez nuit et jour
    Au rythme du tambour
  3. Elinnea Member

    American English
    Ooh, j'aime bien! Merci beaucoup, je vais utiliser celle-là. That's even better than the English version. :)

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