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  1. Alijsh Senior Member

    Persian - Iran
    For daydream, I think we have a commoner word: xiyâlbâfi (خیالبافی). Literally: phantom-weaving. Am I right? By the way, we can say: rowyâbâfi (رویابافی), xiyâlpardâzi (خیالپردازی). Persian is really generative :D
  2. alex.raf Member

    You're right. :thumbsup:
    Thanks for the correction :)
  3. Woland

    Woland Senior Member

    Nightmare- Coşmar
    Daydreem - A visa cu ochii deschişi
  4. Gnosi New Member

    Cyprus Greek
    In Greek nightmare is Efialtis Εφιάλτης I'm not sure but I think it is called like this because of Efialtis the person who betrayed Leonidas (the ancient Spartan king to his enemies at Thermopyles) and Daydream is Oniropolo (ονειροπολώ)( a verb meaning making dreams)
    The expression is Βλέπω εφιάλτη = I see a nightmare or έχω εφιάλτη = I have a nightmare
  5. apmoy70

    apmoy70 Senior Member

    Actually it's the other way around, «Ἐφιάλτης» Ĕpʰiáltēs was a common first name for males since Homer, folk-etymologised by the ancients as a derivation of the deponent v. «ἐφάλλομαι» ĕpʰállŏmai̯ --> to throw oneself onto somebody whence the name «Ἐφιάλτης» means the assaulting one.
    Originally the name described a daemon (a lesser deity) associated with digestion problems called «Ἠπιάλτης» Ēpĭáltēs (masc.), from «ἠπίαλος» ēpíalŏs (masc.) --> ague fever (possibly a taboo paraphrase from «ἤπιος» ḗpiŏs (masc.) --> friendly, gentle, kind, mild, soothing < PIE *h₂e-h₂p-i- friendly cf Skt. आप्त (āpta), friend).
    «Ἠπιάλτης > 'Επιάλτης > 'Εφιάλτης» (folk-etymological reshaping).
    Daydreaming is «ονειροπόληση» [ɔ.ni.ɾɔˈpɔ] (fem.) < Koine 3rd declension deverbative fem. noun «ὀνειροπόλησις» ŏneĭ̯rŏpólēsis (nom. sing.), «ὀνειροπολήσεως» ŏnei̯rŏpŏlḗsĕōs (gen. sing.) --> dreaming < Classical v. «ὀνειροπολέω/-πολῶ» ŏnei̯rŏpŏléō (uncontracted)/ŏnei̯rŏpŏlô (contracted) --> to be haunted in dreams < Classical masc. «ὄνειρος» ónei̯rŏs + Classical v. «πέλω» pélō.
    To daydream (v.) is «ονειροπολώ» [ɔ.ni.ɾɔ.pɔˈlɔ], daydreamer is «ονειροπόλος» [ɔ.ni.ɾɔˈpɔ.lɔs] (masc. & fem.).

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