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Argentina - Spanish
Five years ago I had the pleasure of visiting Japan.
There I bought a CD of a J-pop Singer called "Aiko" named 桜の木の下 (Sakura no ki no shita, Under the cherry tree, if I'm not wrong).
I really liked it, specially the first song 愛の病 (Ai no yamai, something like "Sick of love" or "Love's illness").
But, since my level of japanese is very basic (and I mean VERY basic) I can't translate it or even know what it is about.
If anyone can translate it for me (to english or spanish, it's the same for me) or even tell me what it is about I'll be truly thankful.

Here you have the Romaji, if you need it in nihongo, just let me know:

Ai no Yamai (Aiko)

Anata wo suki de shinsoko ai shite
Kon'na ni setsunai mono nan datte koe wo koroshite nakimashita
Kono deai de atashi no karada ga kawatte yuku mono nan datte
Terekusakute hohoemimashita

(Link to the rest of the lyric in a message below). Thanks Whodunit.
  • damianvila

    Argentina - Spanish
    Is this correct?

    Love Sickness - Aiko

    I like you, I love you from the bottom of my heart
    It was those painful words that killed my voice and I cried
    After that encounter, my body started changing and
    I was embarrassed, but I smiled

    (Finally found the site where the translation might come from!)
    Rest of the lyric here:

    Ai no yamai



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