nine-to-fiver vs. nine-to-five


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Hi everyone,

I'd like to know if the word "nine-to-fiver" could have negative connotations.
According to the dictionary, it means :
"One who works regular daytime hours, as in an office." (no negative connotations, it seems)

But "nine-to-five" means: "exhibiting a lack of willingness to work beyond the required amount of time." (disapproval)

I'm looking for a word or maybe a short phrase that describes an employee who always leaves their office at 5 o' clock sharp, even though his/her co-workers may stay until 5:20 or later because it doesn't really look good to their boss if they leave exactly at 5 o' clock. (because it may look like they just couldn't wait to leave the office and go home.)

Is there any word or phrase/idiom that describes this?
Can I say "a nine to five employee" and still deliver that meaning?

Thank you in advance!
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