ninety-six-mile/ninety-six mile border

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Hi everybody!

I've got a doubt about the use of hyphens in this expression: "the ninety-six mile border".
Shouldn't it be "the ninety-six-mile border"? I think it should be like that because "ninety-six-mile" is an adjective here.

Thanks in advance for your help :)
  • Hau Ruck

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    Hyphens are very often used incorrectly. Both in over use and a lacking of. It very well could be that your source got it wrong. I've seen many publications get hyphens wrong :D

    I'd say you are correct. Each of those words are compound modifiers of the noun. So, if I were asked, I'd say you are correct. That is my opinion/background talking though :)

    As I understand it, each word that is a compound modifier, leading up to the noun, gets a hyphen :)
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