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Hello, members! Thanks for reading it:)
I have a problem deciphering the following sentence.

For Google, mobile apps are now nipping at the primacy of its lucrative web searches as cellphone users pull up Amazon or Yelp to search directly for products or restaurant reviews.

Can anyone tell me what exactly 'nip at' means here? Also, does 'cellphone users pull up Amazon...' mean they quit Amazon?

Please help me out! Thanks in advance:)
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    Small dogs nip at your heels ... they bark and hassle you and try to bite your ankles – that's what nipping means here. To pull up means to call up or access Amazon or Yelp directly on their cellphones, rather than using Google as they used to.


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    Nipping at: figure of speech, taking little bites out of (as a dog might nip at another dog)
    Pull up: access on their smartphones