nip someone


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His son Lowell Jr (naturally known as Little Low) had recalled his father’s words with rueful amusement after Sheriff Lila Norcross nipped him and his older brother Maynard with ten kilos of cocaine, a pharmacy’s worth of speed, and all of their guns. It had certainly appeared that the seam of their luck had come to an abrupt end, the Shinola magically turning to shit the moment the sheriff’s team used the department’s bull-ram on the kitchen door of the old family manse, a creekside farmhouse for which the term tumbledown was too grand.
Source: Sleeping Beauties by Stephen & Owen King

nip in this context mean apprehend, right? Does it also convey the idea it was tough to apprehend?

Word I looked up:
nip: defeat (an apponent) by a close margin.

Thank you.
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