nisi disciplinae seueritate

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    Hello, in the sentence: nisi disciplinae seueritate conuenientium quoques ad se mores adstrinxerit , what does seueritate mean?

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    It's the ablative form of severitas, -atis:severity, seriousness, gravity etc.
  3. melonidas Member

    and what name is disciplinae covering? Because it is a genitive right?
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    Why can't you cut and paste the whole goddam sentence? This is from Quintilian Institutions of Oratory book 1 chapter 2. Quintilian is talking about how teachers need to improve the moral character of their pupils as a teaching tool.
    His personal self-control is not enough, if he does not regulate the behavior of his pupils by the strictness of his discipline.

    Also, the word is quoqoe, not quoques.
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