1. ra inter Senior Member

    Metepec, Mexico

    Sé que hay varias indagaciones del mismo tema, pero no encuentro algo que conteste lo que necesito en este contexto.

    "El prestigio de la escuela está basado en varios factores. Entre ellos están los antecedentes de los profesores, los ex alumnos y el nivel académico del colegio".

    En México, nivel académico se refiere al nivel de aprendizaje que obtienen los alumnos comparado con los de otras escuelas. Es decir, un profesor puede decir que en general, el colegio x tiene un mejor nivel académico que el colegio y porque sus alumnos llegan mejor preparados a la universidad.

    ¿Cómo puedo decir esto en inglés?

    Mi intento, "... the teachers' background, alumni, and the academic level of the school itself."

    ¿Se entiende?
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  2. jtLeebs

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    English - USA
    I understand clearly your intento, above. You might consider saying "academic prestige of the school itself" to stress the concept that seems a little more vinculado to the phrase in Spanish.
  3. Tegs

    Tegs Mód ar líne

    English (Ireland)
    Diría más bien algo como "and the academic success of current students". Una escuela no tiene un cierto nivel académico en inglés - son los alumnos que lo tienen. :)
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  4. Txiri

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    I like both of the solutions offered above.

    Here's another: academic standing
  5. mal67 Senior Member

    US - English
    I actually think your translation with "academic level of the school itself" sounds just fine. A quick google search confirms that the term is used in English:

    See, e.g.
    The school’s academic level has risen. “We could not have made these gains without the support of this funding for these children,” said Principal Jerilyn Schubert.

    Jones’ team at South Oak Cliff High School recognizes how hard she has worked to improve the school’s academic level.

    The controversial proposal by St Stephen's Girls' College to join the direct subsidy scheme was made to prevent the school's academic level from sliding further, according to lawmaker Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee.


    For me, academic prestige and academic standing both refer to others' subjective assessment of that school, relative to other schools. Academic success usually refers to the grades (the most common indicators of academic success) obtained by the students, either at that school or in their later studies.

    And in any case, I wouldn't use the term "prestige", because it already appears at the start of the sentence. It would seem odd - to me, at least - to read something to the effect of "the school's prestige is based on a number of factors, including...the academic prestige of the school."
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  6. Txiri

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    Those are really good points, mal67. You've convinced me.
  7. jtLeebs

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    Very good points. I overlooked the beginning of the sentence where "prestige" is already used. Great links, thanks!
  8. ra inter Senior Member

    Metepec, Mexico
    Thanks a lot! This really helped.

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