Nivel Medio Superior / Nivel Superior

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    Hola a todos / Hello everybody

    I'm translating some school documents from Mexico and I'm quite perplexed, any help would be greatly appreciated

    1. el ingreso a la universidad puede ser a Nivel preparatoria agricola o propedeutico.

    2. los alumnos que ingresan a preparatoria agricola, cursan 3 anos de nivel medio superior y se incorporan al 4to. grado para cursar los 4 anos que son a nivel superior.

    my translation so far is..

    1. admission to the university can be at the agricultural preparatory or general preparatory level.

    2. students that enter under agricultural preparatory, study 3 years of ?? [high school? at the middle superior level??] and are incorporated into the 4th year in order to study the 4 years at the undergraduate?? level?

    i'm so confused! please help :)

    mil gracias
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    I would translate nivel medio superior in this way: upper intermediate level

    cheers, Cabanyas

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