no and no

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Nathan: Thanks, Lynne. It’s good to be here. And believe me—I’ve been enjoying the rain this week!
Lynne: I’m sure! So, tell me, Nathan—where is the driest place in the world? Africa? Siberia?
Nathan: No and no. I’ll give you another guess.
Source: Oxford University Press, Learning Resources Bank, Open Forum, Chapter 9 (Lynne and Nathan are talking about the driest place on earth)

Can I say only one "no" in this context?
  • ewie

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    I think you could certainly get away with just one no, yes.
    If I'd been asked that question, I would've answered No, neither of those.


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    It's a bit more emphatic, just slightly amusing way of answering. Remember, they are on a program with an audience, so they try to be entertaining.
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