no-attention-span society


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Es sobre la serie de How I met your mother

Una pareja de amigos están hablando sobre la ley del limón, que no sé bien que es exactamente y la chica le dice al chico:

-For the record, your little lemon law is a symbol of everything that's wrong with our no-attention-span society.

Y la palabra span, no sé como traducirla

  • Not a watcher of the show, but ... this is my take on your doubts.

    Lemon law: regarding automobile sales, there is a law that supports (I do NOT recall any details) the consumer when buying a car that consistently breaks down. Such a car is called a "lemon."

    Whatever his "little lemon law" is (something analogous I presume, if in fact it has nothing to do with cars at all), there is a "something" which continuously proves defective regarding that character.

    "our no-attention-span society": this has often been referenced regarding the changes in people's ability to concentrate or stay on focus in the era AFTER the advent of television and excessive sugary additives in the collective diet. For TV, the "flicker" of the camera angle, which changes every several seconds, is believed to have diminished children's capacity to focus. For sugary foods, they may have increased the incidence of ADHD disorders.

    time-span: the length of time, the duration of a period (that comprises x event)

    attention-span: the amount of time a person's attention may remain on one topic

    note: a bridge (over a river etc) is also a "span" -- think continuity in space