No baby, it's so much more.

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    I could be of more help if you could give me a little context. But, as far as I can understand you mean that there is so much more to the problem that there seems.

    "Hayır bebeğim (tatlım / canım), çok daha fazla"

    If you would tell me the meaning I could help you more.


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    thank you!

    the situation is so that he say "is this all?" (all we have)

    and then I answer "no baby it's so much more"

    please. thanks!


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    in turkish he would have said: "hepsi bu kadar mı? ( aramızda bu kadar mı var?)

    and you would have replied: "hayır canım, aslında çok daha fazlası var"

    Here, "canım" means "my love", "dear", "honey", "baby (bebeğim)"
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