no clarity of vision

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Here Biju, an Indian who works in a US Cafe, tries to annoy and makes fun of Indian customers who eat beef, or those Indian customers who have American lovers. Biju and other Indian waiters annoy them by bringing them too hot dishes. But in the end Biju feels ashamed of his behavior:

"Too hot?" Biju would ask, grinning.
Weeping, " No, no."
There was no purity in this venture. And no pride. He had come home
to no clarity of vision.

To no clarity of vision, means he had come home in a way that he didn't know whether he did right or wrong? or he was crying, the tears covered his vision?

It's part of Inheritance of Loss, a novel by Kiran Desai.

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  • williamloaf

    American English
    In this context (and in most contexts) "clarity of vision" means, as you said, confidence in one's perception of their actions and the world. It's probably not literal in this case.
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