No dejar títere con cabeza

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  1. jolugega Senior Member

    spanish, spain
    ¿ Alguna idea sobre qué refrán inglés se podría usar para traducir esta frase?
  2. borgonyon

    borgonyon Senior Member

    Shreveport, Louisiana
    Mexican Spanish
    Se me ocurre: take no prisoners

    ¿Alguien más?
  3. ienne Senior Member

    Croatia, Croatian
    please what does this mean
    Pasota y revolucionario, es de esos actores viscerales que cuando le colocan un micrófono no deja títere con cabeza.
    thank you
  4. svaneska Senior Member

    England/ Mallorca / France
    English, England
  5. ienne Senior Member

    Croatia, Croatian
    thank you finally i understand lol
  6. lemock Senior Member

    Español, México
    Significa que no deja ningún cabo suelto.
  7. Astiam New Member

    Uruguay, Español
    A non-literal translation of "No deja títere con cabeza" could be "Nothing keeps alive around him" or "He doesn't leve anything alive around him, wich means that when he (the man of your text) speaks on the microphone causes such an enormous impression that nothing/nobody can outshine his words, so he "kills" any possibility to reply.
  8. Timeon Hands New Member

    USA English
    Pienso que se traduce "puppet on a string". La "cabeza" es el titiritero (puppeteer), el dirigente humano. Significa que una persona controla a otra como el titiritero controla a su títere a través de los hilos.

    El titiritero (el dirigente, el jefe, el patrón) no permite que el títere (la persona subordinada) piense para si mismo.
  9. SpiceMan Senior Member

    Osaka 大阪
    Castellano, Argentina
    Timeon Hands... that's not the meaning of "no dejar títere con cabeza". It means that you're going with all your strength, without holding back at all... to the point of leaving no "enemies" standing.

    Depending on context it could mean that a guy is going to hit on every woman in a party (implying that he's good on it, and will more likely suceed.) A Casanova would leave "no puppet with its head on" on a party.

    On a battle context it would mean, as borgonyon said, that you'd take no prisioners: you'd slaughter them all.

    On a fist fight that you'll beat the crap out of everyone... etc, etc, etc.

    I'm not aware of a similar idiom in English, but maybe this explaination helps find one out.
  10. borgonyon

    borgonyon Senior Member

    Shreveport, Louisiana
    Mexican Spanish
    Estoy de acuerdo con [Old?:D] SpiceMan.
  11. Eva Maria Banned

    Aventurières - Alexine Tinne (Las fuentes del Nilo
    Catalonia / Spain (Catalan / Spanish)
    Borgo, hahahaha!

    Maybe old, but still alive and kicking, or so he says: "Vir sum ergo centum dominas cupio" (the original Latin quotation) (T: "Soy varón y por lo tanto deseo a cien amantes")

    Spice Boy & All,


    - LOC: No dejar títere con cabeza = To spare nobody

  12. jolugega Senior Member

    spanish, spain
    To spare nobody suena bien....

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