No DHS, DHSS, DSS - meaning?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Gemma_R, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Gemma_R New Member


    I'm looking for a shared room in England, and in one ad it says
    What does "no dhs" mean?

  2. Gemma_R New Member


    I'm looking for a shared room in England, and in one ad it says Quote:
    young person looking to share with young professional, students welcome. no dhs.

    What does "no dhs" mean?


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  3. loladamore

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    Are you sure it wasn't DHSS? DHSS is the Department of Health and Social Security, the department in charge of benefits, so that would mean no unemployed people (i.e. people on benefits, not wage-earners). DHS is the Department of Homeland Security, so maybe they don't want anyone who works there!
  4. M.mac Senior Member

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    People are so cheap when they place a classified advertisement that they end up inventing new abbreviations just so they don't have to pay for an extra line. Even native speakers have trouble getting their head around what is being referred to.

    I can't help in this case, just a passing comment. Although I did wonder if it meant people on an unemployment benefit as the advertisement states that they are looking for working people or students.
  5. Gemma_R New Member

    Thank you for helping me...It's funny: it was a free ad on a forum. But I can they invent so many strange abbreviations? They don't mean anything to me, but I suppose you're right and this girl is looking for someone who can pay the rent.

  6. lucaz New Member

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    Hi :). I agree with loladamore, it definitely means "DHSS" (and yep, it's basically just a way of saying they don't want unemployed people, etc)...
    I've also occasionally seen it written as "DHS" in those ads, but "DHSS" is the correct abbreviation.
    Ah, and just to add that there isn't a "Department of Homeland Security" in the UK, but in the US, yes.
  7. jimreilly

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    Haven't seen this before, but, maybe......

    Deadheads? That is, devotees of the band the Grateful Dead, or, by extension, all kinds of freaky people who might frighten your Aunt Elsa if she came to visit.
  8. panjandrum

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    The DHSS abbreviation is very out of date. There has not been a DHSS (Department of Health and Social Security) in England for many years.

    There is now the DH - Department of Health - and the DWP - Department of Work and Pensions.

    The DWP is responsible for benefits, some of which are administered through other public sector organisations.

    However, the "no DHSS" tag continues to be used to indicate that the landlord does not wish to have tenants whose rent is being paid by social security.

    ... and of course the no dhs version is simply an illiterate version of this prejudiced statement.
  9. marz81 New Member

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    Hello everyone!
    I am a Spanish girl and I am planning to move to London next September. Therefore, I have been looking for a flat to live there and in some advertisements I have seen written: "No DSS". I have asked in another threads about the meaning, but they were saying it means "Data Security System". I think I can understand that meaning, but what does it mean in the context of renting a flat? They usually say: "No Agencies and No DSS".
    Any help, please??
    Thank you in advance!
  10. DSS, in this context, stands for Department of Social Security.
  11. panjandrum

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    It means that the owner of the property is not willing to rent it to anyone who is receiving state benefits - who would have their rent paid by the DSS.

    There is a previous thread on this topic ..... with which this one has now been merged.
  12. marz81 New Member

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    Thank you very much, panjandrum, I had tried in another thread in which they mentioned it, but with another meaning... and I also tried to open a new thread, but I think I did not do it well...
    In any case, thanks for your patience and your reply!!!

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