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Hi everyone,
The phrase I want to talk is "no dice".
I saw this phrase yesterday when I was doing google search about a programming problem. Sorry I don't remember the exact context. I just don't know what it means when I read it. A web page define this phrase as a refusal to a proposal. I really don't think this is what it means to the context I saw. Could anyone explain this phrase for me please. I really appreciate this type of conversation because it is better than the dry definition in any dictionary. By the way I just found this forum this week. I am so glad there exist such type of forum, because I feel very confused of many phrases which I have no place or no one to ask.

Thanks in advance.
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    Welcome, whycs. :)

    Here are two threads on this idiom. I think they will answer your question. If they don't, please feel free to add a question to either one of them.

    No dice
    So, no dice.

    I am closing this thread to avoid having too many threads on the same topic. ;)

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