No digas nada / No dices nada

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  1. Kiyoboy Senior Member

    how can I express the difference between ""No digas nada" and "No dices nada" in english?

    For example, imagine the following situation:

    Your friend is about to tell a secret to another friend. Then you tell him: "Be quiet. No digas nada"

    Another situation:

    A friend of yours spends a lot ot time without saying even a single word. And you tell him: "Are you angry? No dices nada"
  2. Magazine

    Magazine Senior Member

    En inglés se ve la diferencia con el tiempo usado:

    ¡No digas nada! don't say anything!

    ¿No dices nada? You are not talking.....
  3. irea

    irea Senior Member

    Spanish, Spain
    En el segundo caso yo más bien diría: "You're so quiet..." (estás muy callado)
  4. kayokid

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    English, USA
    Or: You haven't said anything/a word. (This shows the tense change in English [which was mentioned in the above post] but expresses the meaning.)

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