1. Shelbydawn New Member

    I am having a garage sale and want to post a sign saying something to the effect of" Please no discounts...Thank you" (in Spanish, of course) Can someone translate this for me? I would appreciate the help! SD
  2. Stefboy

    Stefboy Member

    France (Français, Español, English)
    what do you mean by "please no discounts..." ? that you won't reduce the price ? if yes, you can say "No habrán descuentos... (o rebajas...) Gracias"
  3. jacinta Senior Member

    USA English
    Digo esto: ¡Precios fijos!... Gracias fixed prices
    Another could be: Precios firmes...Gracias firm prices

    It sounds a little strange to say Fixed prices, thankyou, but I suppose it works! I don't say Thank you on mine. You're more polite, I guess.

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